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Llanelli, St Elli, Parish Church
Ordnance Survey Map Reference : SN507005

Parish Registers : Carmarthenshire Record Office

Baptisms 1684 - 1923
Marriages 1684 - 1971
Burials 1684 - 1930

Bishops Transcripts : National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
1686-87, 1703-04, 1711-12, 1718, 1724-28, 1730-33, 1735-1800, 1802-55
1862-89. IGI chr 1813-75, marr 1813-1837

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Llanelly Parish Church Marriages 1687-1837
Llanelly Parish Church Burials 1697-1903
Llanelly Parish Church Baptisms 1742-1812

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Llanelly 1851 Census Digital Images
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Llanelly 1891 Census INDEX [Town Only]
Llanelly Guardian BMD's 1863
GRO Index 1837-1875 - Llanelly Births
GRO Index 1837-1875 - Llanelly Deaths
GRO Index 1837-1875 - Llanelly Marriages
Llanelly Guardian BMD's 1865
Adulam : Felinfoel : Registers
Adulam History
Trinity Chapel : Felinfoel : Registers
Wesleyan Chapel : Hall Street
Capel Als : Llanelly Registers
Capel Ifan Pontyberem : Burials 1851 -1914
Capel Ifan Burials Digital Images 1835 -1914
All Saints Church Burials 1878-1930
Capel Newydd : Felinfoel Road
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Llanelli Genuki
Old Llanelly by John Iness 1902
1833 Electrol Roll
Pigots Directory 1822
Pigots Directory 1830
Pigots Directory 1835
Pigots Directory 1844Llanelly 1897 Davies's Directory
Llanelly Directory 1813-1814
Llanelly Trade Directory 1901
History of Llanelly

Potts' Mining Register 1893
Slaters Directory of Llanelly 1895
Slaters Directory of Llanelly 1910
Kelly's Directory of Llanelly 1923
Kelly's 1904 Directory of Printers Etc.




Adulam Felinfoel






Bethel Seaside



Siloah Seaside



Caersalem Dimpath




Glenalla, Glenalla Road Llanelly



Capel Newydd, Felinfoel Road



Hall Street Chapel







Zion, Upper Park Street



Llanelli Public Library

 In 1850 the Public Libraries Act of Parliament was passed that allowed the people of a parish, however small to levy a rate of one penny in the pound to provide a library building. Not all local authorities took advantage of the new legislation and Llanelli was one of them. This lack of interest was probably because the new Board of Health had enough problems to cope with including, lack of proper sanitation, bad roads, inadequate markets, a poor water supply, the need to light the town, to mention just a few.
During 1854 plans were submitted for a new building to house the proposed new library and three sites were considered by the committee set up to oversee the project. A site adjoining the South Wales Pottery, on land belonging to William Chambers was one of the three sites considered by the committee and the rates were reported to be £20 per acre. The committee reported that plans and drawings had been received from the architect and there was every possibility that the matter would proceed immediately. Funds were raised by public subscription to build a literary, scientific institution, which became known as ‘The Athenaeum’. The original Llanelly Athenaeum Trustees included: Richard Thomas Howell; James Buckley; John Pasley Luckraft; William Thomas and William Henry Nevill.
John Pasley Luckraft was the uncle of Charles Moore Luckraft who is honoured in the oyster shell reported in another article in this newsletter. You can see them both in the Naval Tree in the Luckraft trees on the website







All Saints [formed out of St Elli]
Christenings (1874-1927) Marriages (1874-1974) Burials (1878-94, 1930 53) at Carm.RO


Christchurch [formed out of St Paul 1912]
Christenings (1898-1954) Marriages (1887-1973) Banns (1893-1961) at Carm.RO

Dafen [formed out of Llanelli 1879]
Christenings (1874-1947) Marriages (1874-1959) Banns (1874-1963) at Carm.RO     Burials (1878-) with incumbent

Felin-Foel [formed out of Llanelli 1879]
Christenings (1858-1948) Marriages (1858-1976)  Banns (1858-1963  Burials (1858-1956) at Carm RO

Llwynhendy [formed out of Dafen]
Christenings (1882-1946), Marriages (1939-71) at Carm.RO

Pontyates/Pont-Iets [formed out of Llangendeirne and Llanelli]
Christenings (1872-1945), Marriages (1858-1970) at Carm.RO

Pontyberem [Capel Ifan] [An ancient chapel in the parish of Llanelli apparently restored by the Methodists for their own use in the eighteenth century, repossessed by the Church in the 1830s. The new church consecrated in 1894]
PR C (1839-1922) recorded in 1933 apparently lost.
Christenings (1921-48) Marriages (1838-1971) Burials (1835-1932) at Carm.RO

St Alban [formed out of St Elli]
Christenings (1912-65) Marriages (1915-70) at Carm.RO

St David [formed out of Christ Church]
Christenings (1898-1951) Marriages (1901-70) Banns (1901-66) at Carm.RO



St John [formed out of St Paul]
Christenings (1898-1940) Marriages (1889-1968) at Carm.RO

St Paul [formed out of St Elli 1846]
Christenings (1850-1945) Marriages (1851-1970) Burials (1851-1901) at Carm.RO

St Peter [formed out of St Paul]
Christenings (1898-1953) Marriages (1880-1981) at Carm.RO



Llanelly House



Thomas Arms



Sandy Water Park